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Hello Minecraft.

We've Got BIG Plans For You.

Welcome To TotalMax! Our mission? Make sure you have a totally awesome, heart-racing, spine-tingling time with us in-game on Minecraft, versions 1.8.8 through to the latest! We're home to some great classic games, like Skywars, Walls, Survival Games, and custom games too!

We've got some great games, maps & ideas coming soon to TotalMax, and we want you, the players, to help us shape that future! Our #1 priority is making sure that players make it into every decision, us, the staff here at TotalMax, make!

And Remember, Keep The Fun Totally Maxed!

What's going on? What's coming soon? Find answers to all those questions, and more, right here!

We're making our games and testing them out as fast as we can. Stay up-to-date on our Discord or on Facebook!

We all love cool stuff, but we take it to the Max, we thrive on cool stuff! Simply play our games, earn MaxCoins and spend them in the in-game shop on chests, cosmetics, ranks and more and make yourself look Totally Awesome!

As well as this, you'll also level up server-wide so you can show off your rank to anyone and everyone that comes and plays with us! Be proud of your level, and work your way up to earn #braggingrights.

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